Creating unique sustainable jewellery


Fold Formations Sustainable Jewellery is the pride and joy of designer jeweller Kirsty Gorman. Based in the Blue Mountains, Australia, Kirsty's goal is to create truly unique jewellery which captures the breathtaking beauty of the natural world while using materials and processes that respect the environment. All designs are manufactured by hand from 100% recycled and sustainable metals. Kirsty is passionate about keeping Fold Formations as home-grown and green as possible.

Kirsty's love for colour and form led her to study a Bachelor of Jewellery at Charles Sturt University, giving her the skills to design and handcraft unique and adventurous jewellery. It was here that she discovered her love for using copper - she was excited by its versatility and how easy it was to source locally and sustainably, making it the perfect fit for her design vision and ethics. She enjoys experimenting and researching copper forging, especially using folds to create exciting shapes and volume as well as different forms of copper patina which bring colour and life to her unique formations.  


Fold Formations strives to offer a versatile range of handcrafted, sustainable jewellery that caters to varying styles and budgets. By supporting Fold Formations you are not only supporting a starving artist, but also local industries and the sustainable fashion movement.